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Interior Design begins with an in-home consultation lasting up to 2 hours. Here we will discuss your vision and style preference. We will tour the space to be designed, take photos, and measurements. Moving forward, we will return to your home with colors, fabrics, finishes, and any desired furniture ideas. We will remain in contact throughout the process ensuring you remain pleased with each detail.


Too far away? No worries!

We can get started virtually with a 30-minute zoom call to discuss your needs.

Next, we will discuss design options over a 45 minute call. Here you be presented with a mood board showcasing your style preference, a proposed furniture layout, and a link to purchase furniture options.

If in the end you still have questions, we are here to help.

Just need help choosing furniture or finishes? Send us a photo of your space, along with inspirational photos, and we will turn your vision into reality.


​Having trouble selling your home? Or do you want to make sure it is ready to put on the market? After an initial consultation, you will be submitted with a written consultation of changes to be made to showcase the true potential of your home.

Prices to be discussed along with changes to be made.

Do you already have a design in mind and only looking for advice? We can give recommendations on colors, fabrics, furniture, and lighting.

The initial consultation is offered at no charge

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